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You´ll find a variety of packages that allow you to experience

surfing in any level and kind of conditions.

Get your own surf personal trainer. If you're seeking for more effective atention and faster development, this is the best choice for you

Ocean Life Style. Wanna be a surfer?

Act like one! Come surf with us all year long

Private Lessons

Lifestyle Packs

from 17,50 €

from 50,00 €

from 75,00 €

Multiply your Fun. Gather your friends and come try our surfing experiences!

If you want your children surfing and they're between 3 and 5 years old this might be a wonderfull experience for them

Get to surf all summer long! Pre-scheduled lessons for long term surfing courses during the summer season

Surfi'n Group


Summer Season


from 13,50 €

from 15,00 €

from 15,00 €

Our Rentals service is available all year long so don't hesitate booking it anytime

Haven't found what you want? Get in touch with us, we'll manage to find you a solution

You can either get your special child surfing with us or be a probono sponsor for disabled childrens associations

Gear Rentals

Taylor Made


from 15,00 €

from 17,50 €

from 25,00 €

Adaptative Surfing

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